Saturday, October 31, 2015

September and October 2015

Back in Breckenridge, the kids wanted to learn how to shoot a rifle and a shotgun.  Geoff took the kids to a shooting range in Dillon.  He taught them about gun safety, aiming, and how to handle a rifle/gun.  The enjoyed it and were actually really good shots.

Geoff teaching Horatio

Geoff teaching Noah

Geoff aiming for the target

Noah celebrated his 9th birthday with a Donut Hole cake!  He didn't want a cake, but wanted donuts, so that is what he got.  We stacked about 30 donut holes on top of 6 regular donuts.  I think we all went into a sugar coma after that!

Noah's 9th birthday Donut Hole cake

Noah showing off his raccoon hat and Hex bugs

Noah gets braces for his birthday!  (Great party favors from his Aunt Catherine)

Phill, Griffinn, Noah and Horatio enjoying the party favors

We celebrated Oktoberfest with our friends Don and Kristi DesFosses and their son Christopher.
Main Street in Breckenridge had lots of beer, food, music and some activities that the kids could enjoy.
Horatio trying to hammer a nail with the sharp end of the hammer, while Noah and Christopher await their turns.

We couldn't believe that Fall was happening so quickly.  We felt we had just left the summer heat in Mexico and now the leaves are changing and the weather is starting to get cool.

One of the fishing ponds in Silverthorne

Hiking in Frisco - Horatio, Noah and Pippa

Crossing a log bridge

Made it to the lake after hiking past some beautiful Aspen changing colors

Nana and Papa took Horatio and Noah to Denver for a day of indoor skydiving.  What an adventure. They had a great time.
All geared up and ready to skydive

Not sure if it's clear, but two moose where next door to the house eating

Catherine celebrated her birthday with Pizza and Poker (All in)

We knew our time was coming to get back to the boat, since it was now snowing in Breckenridge!
We cannot believe we went from Summer, Fall and now Winter so quickly!  What a weather change.
We sure are glad that we didn't swelter in the summer heat and humidity in Guaymas and got to experience 3 season changes with our family!  It was beautiful.

Breck ski resort with snow

The kids starting a snowman on the deck

We made our way back to Guaymas and the weather is still warm, but not as hot and humid.  We are getting the boat back together and ready to sail.  While in Guaymas we have run into friends again, which is great.  The people you meet while sailing are really an amazing group of people. Everyone is so friendly and so helpful.  All of the people in Mexico are also the same way.  We will be staying in the Guaymas/San Carlos area for about a week or two and then making our way make into the Sea of Cortez and crossing over to the Baja side and visiting places we've been to and also places we missed on the way up.  We will eventually cross back over toward Mazatlan and head to Puerto Vallarta and hopefully make our way on the Pacific Puddle jump across to French Polynesia next Spring.
Horatio and Noah with the Sang Vind kids, Dylan and Jayden.  Getting ready for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos which is a two day celebration this weekend - Oct 31-Nov 2.