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The Yasawa Island Group - Naviti Island - Manta Ray bay, The Blue Lagoon, and Yasawa i-Lau, Waya  - August / September 2017

We decided the make our way further north as to see the rest of the Yasawa's.  After seeing these places, you can understand why it's such an amazing vacation destination.  Fiji knows how to make it easy to get to all of these islands.  You can fly, helicopter, sail, or ferry boat to all of these amazing destinations.  There are many islands with resorts, but many that have villages that welcome visitors to their villages.  It's a nice combination of rural and luxury at the same time.

                          Yasawa Islands

We sailed from Musket Cove to Naviti Island with our friends from SV Pesto, where between a channel are suppose to be huge manta rays that come to feed.  This place is aptly named Manta Ray Bay.  We stayed for a few days and did some snorkeling and swimming, but did not see any rays.  It's always hit or miss.  I guess this time it was a miss.

Noah "surfing" in Manta Ray bay

Horatio surfing

Plane ready to take off with cruise ship in the bay.

Tavewa Islands / Nacula Island - The Blue Lagoon (yes, where the movie was filmed)
We sailed further north to anchor at the famous Blue Lagoon area.  It really is an amazing place and so peaceful. 

View from hike to the other side of the anchorage

boat anchored in the bay

Destination - Lo's Tea House for donuts!

Kids with Lo from her Tea house
Great little hike to Lo's with SV Pesto, SV Cape D, and SV Miss Goodnight

Ice Cream back at Nanuya Boat Club

Local farmers delivering groceries to your boat!  What service!

We moved onward to Sawa-i-Lau.  It is located in the southern end of the main Yasawa Island, which is one of the furthest northern islands of the whole Yasawa Island Group.

Coming into the bay of Sawa-i-Lau

SV Pesto motoring in the bay looking to anchor

Again, wishing for a better quality camera because the 
photo does not do the colors and ruggedness justice.

The formation of the rocks due to weather and 
erosion have transformed it into a great place to snorkel 

Lots of coral underneath to snorkel

There are the famous caves to visit on this island, but they were charging $50 Fijian dollars per person ($25 USD), but we figured we could skip it so we decided to snorkel instead.

Entrance to the caves.  The women sell their handicrafts

Like this Spider shell, which is turned into this beautiful necklace

Village chief with some oars that Geoff gave him.  
Horatio and Paulo enjoying the exchange

Village chief cutting up some coconuts.  
He opened a few so we could have some coconut water!

Yasawa-i-Rara - Yasawa-i-Rara and Bukama villages

Anchorage at Yasawa-i-Rara - this place had incredibly 
crystal blue waters with a sparkling white sand beach

Local fisherman with their morning catch

Enormous parrot fish and grouper

Crayfish and crab - delicious!

Bukama village vs. Yasawa-i-Rara village rugby match

The two villages women playing Netball

Local Bukama boys

Bukama Village school playground and rugby field

Cape D anchored in Yasawa-i-Rara cove

Making our way back south to Waya Island, Octopus Resort - Meke and Lovo (Dancing and traditional Fijian food)

Up next:  Back to the main island of Viti Levu, with our friends from Cape D, before we made our way to the smaller of the two main islands, Vanua Levu to the town of Savu Savu to meet our friends SV Terrapin.  We had not seen them for over a year and a half.

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